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Por su parte, el sargento Platt Amy Morton recibirá la visita de un hombre desesperado, el cual transformará la comisaría de Chicago en un verdadero caos. Paul: I loved this one.

nadia chicago pd
Frente a estas revelaciones, Lindsay nadia chicago pd tendrá otra elección que visitar a su con para pedirle que arregle la situación. The exterior of the station house is the 943 West Maxwell Street and is the same location that was used on the series. Before taking a desk job she was a uniformed patrol officer, and worked with Det. He is often met as an overeager amateur who dives head-first into a situation without thinking. Voight è un poliziotto tosto che finisce sempre quello che comincia, anche se significa non rispettare le regole. Ha una relazione adulterina con la detective Mia Sumner.

Salke has since confirmed that the series was officially in development. Salke has since confirmed that the series was officially in development. I'd like them one once or twice a season.

nadia chicago pd

Stella se lució en y en el filme - Retrieved March 20, 2016.

nadia chicago pd

Lindsay fails twice to help Nadia get clean. It isn't until the third time that Nadia successfully becomes clean and starts working with the Intelligence Unit as an Administrative Assistant. Biography In season 2, Nadia works with the Intelligence Unit's Administrative Assistant by answering calls at the precinct and running errands. She has formed a very strong bond with Lindsay, her roommate and savior. Erin acts like a foster mother to Nadia, allowing her the comfort she needed to stay clean. Nadia went to school and was studying Criminology with plans to become a police officer, aiming for Intelligence. She was found on an island that also contained many other bodies that Yates and his former colleague killed. However, in death, Nadia ultimately helped put Yates away in prison, leaving enough evidence to help convict Yates, saving countless other women. Nadia was mourned by all her fellow CPD colleagues, and her name was added to the outside memorial of fallen CPD officers. Those episodes are on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Law and Order: SVU Following Nadia's death, Erin begins to drink again and starts falling into depression blaming herself for Nadia's death.